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The sculpture work was created by a group of talented artists at A.A. workshops (Tavnit Vetetzuga LTD). 
The bronze cast was made by A.P. Casting LTD. 

פסל המסע הציוני 


 Azrieli Towers - Tel Aviv

Inspired by the statue of Auguste Rodin: "The Burghers of Calais", the initiator David Azrieli asked us to create a statue that expresses milestones in the Zionist Journey. We chose seven figures, each one depicts and represents a period and a discipline in the history of the nation's building, since the 1920's and until these days: 
The period of settlement and Aliyah is represented by the Halutz, The Independence War- by a Palmach fighter, the development of the public health sector – a nurse, the evolution of science and research – the scientist, the building drive- an architect, the develop of the Hi-Tech industry- a computer specialist, The financial evolution – a nowadays businesswoman. 

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