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Acre 2018

A walk through experience in the Turkish bathhouse of Acre. The Hammam was built in the 18th century by Ahmad el-Gazar. The history is told through the eyes of the last Turkish bath house attendant.

Hammam el-Basha was built at the end of the eighteenth century by Ahmad el-Gazar and is named after him - Hammam Pasha.It was operative until 1948, and since then has been a preserved site. Apart from its beauty and architectural significance, the Hammam held a pivotal role in the daily and cultural life of the Ottoman community.

החמאם הטורקי בעכו

We chose to tell the history of Acre in the Ottoman period as the walls of the bathhouse would have "heard" it from the bathers while undressing and enjoying their bath and massage. The visitor's center is built as an audio-visual experience in which the audience has the opportunity to meet the last bath attendant on the premises.

While tending to his work - rubbing, massaging, giving cosmetic treatment, etc. he acquaints us with Acre's history during that period; a combined radio-play and film projected on semitransparent screens covers the walls. The steam-filled room and the static display of cast-aluminum figures appear in front and behind semitransparent screens decorated with illustrations of scenes from the past. The show lasts around 30 minutes.

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