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מרכז מבקרים מצדה 


Masada 1999

A new lobby was recently built at the foot of the mountain, where the visitors are being ushered and directed. The structure includes the new cable car, facilities and trade commerce area and open spaces for presentation and gathering.

In the lobby, exhibition of archeological findings and artifacts. The display at the visitors' center is meant to act as an "appetizer", not a comprehensive and in-detail presentation, since the main issue here is the visit of the mountain

However, the display does include clues and samples of the excavated items in glass showcases placed within potholes especially dug out in the floor.
On the walls there is an arrangement display of pictures from the time periods of the excavations with old work schedules and blueprints. In the midst of the rotunda is a gigantic model of Mount Massada and its surroundings, viewable from a gallery on the top floor.

A huge illustration depicting Masada on fire integrates with the actual scenery reflected through the windows on both sides of the illustration. The audio-visual presentation is located in two auditoriums acting as a piston that regulates the uplifting of the cable car onto the mountaintop.

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