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המוזיאון הפתוח 


Masada 1999

In addition to the elegant and luxurious life of the Herodian period, there is also the dramatic tale of the Sicarians fighting the Romans’ Tenth Legion and of Masada’s downfall at the end of the rebellion.    

We chose the visual-narrative approach to tell of these two periods so that the eye would remain focused on the field findings and the powerful view. Along the carefully planned footpath we placed glass signs written in plain (non-scientific) language combined with illustrations, explaining the various topics.

Along the trail we have built several topic centers, under designed shades and on exclusive observation points allowing the gathering of groups for in-depth guidance, thereby reducing the time of staying within the actual archeological remains and over packing them. In these centers we have constructed tri-dimensional models molded coated in aluminum for the public to touch and feel.

When designing and constructing the Masada Open Museum, much attention and consideration was given to accessibility for the disabled of all kinds, and today one can see groups of disabled people tour the mountain and live the experience alongside the ordinary visitors.    

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