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Along the whole exhibition, artifacts are combined with multimedia and video sequences projected on screens. The museum themes are displayed upon touch-screens which create an interactive experience and enable the visitor to explore different depths and aspects of the subject. The visitors are accompanied by a virtual "guide" on semi-transparent screens, thus creating a more intimate connection between the visitor and the museum. The journey alongside diamond processing is resumed by a 3-screen installation discussing other aspects of the diamond – the culture, the mystery, prestige and status that come with it.


Ramat Gan 2008

מוזיאון היהלומים

The new Diamond Museum, situated within the Israeli diamond Stock Exchange compounds in Ramat Gan, offers the visitor a unique and didactic experience of the precious mineral known as Diamond.

To most visitors, diamonds have been seen in the movies, read about in books and peeped at from behind a safety glass – a prestigious and glamorous product that stands for wealth, aristocracy and royalty.

The history of the diamonds in Israel welcomes the visitors before they even enter the museum, with diverse outdoor exhibits that lure them inside, telling the story. This "outdoors museum" functions as a gate and directions that lead the visitors to the heart of the Diamond Stock Exchange building – the "core" – the Diamonds Museum. 
The tour inside the museum begins with a special space designed to empower a multisensory, three-dimensional experience, in which the visitor learns about the light diffraction phenomena upon the polished diamond facets, using laser beams projected unto a large diamond – the beams break and sprayed around the room.
The general design concept consists in metallic totality, giving the sense of a huge diamond vault by incorporating combination locks and metal walls. Inside the "vault" lays total darkness except for highly focused beams of light that shine on the diamond in the darkness.

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