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Latrun 1998

The Latrun Memorial and Heroism Monument complex is located on the grounds of the Israel Armed Forces' War Museum.
Commemoration, heroism, memorabilia, bereavement, and information are the themes on which the project was designed.
Presumably, there is a conflict between the personal grief and the need for intimacy of the families and the immediate circle of the fallen, on the one hand, and the wish to make the war casualties and the stories of their lives and deaths part of the public domain, on the other.

The fusion of metalwork, glasswork fabric, and dramatic lighting create the effect of the heroes' facial reflection on a steel bridge placed above a pit in the ground whose walls are covered with soot and cold ashes. It is, in fact, the spatial experience engulfing the visitor that enables intimacy, commemoration, and paying respects at one and the same time.

אתר הנצחה לשריון 

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