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"A new museum at Masada allows visitors to feel [almost] like the last ten men left on the cliff ..."

"The traditional museum is like another class in school, and nobody likes school. i'm trying to be more of a storyteller in a way"  [ ELIAV NAHLIELI ]

"The design of the museum is minimalist and dramatic, in dark black with lighting that emphasizes and emphasizes the exhibits "

"The conceptual design of the site creates a very dramatic effect: the walls and theatrical lighting in the nine scenes which make up the display are all painted different shades of black, and they provide a background to the illuminated displays. The drama only intensifies the display of the stone ‘Masada lots’, which, according to the explanation, were used to decide which Jew would be the last one to kill his friends and fall on his sword."

"... Its creates a meaningful guided tour of the story of Masada"  

"The integration and harmony between archaeological artifacts, theatrical backdrop, radio play, and audio presentation create a unique experience that invites the visitor to become one with the amazing story of Masada." 

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