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בית מנורה מבטחים 


Ramat Gan, Israel

The planning process for the new Menorah Mivtachim House is currently being completed.
The building expresses strength, reliability and vision, as well as being a suitable home for a company that has grown and flourished and is today a major factor in the insurance and the Israeli economy
The new Binbin expresses another stage in Menachem Gurevich's dream.
Menachem did not win and died before he saw the fulfillment of the dream.
The company intends to perpetuate the character and activity of Menahem Gurevich, in view of the growth of Menorah Mivtachim and its growth. 

We designed a monument - video art  that gives expression to the man and his dreams in an artistic way that will try to express his being a dreamer and fulfill his modesty, honesty, eye-level gaze and being a true "mantash".

A video art stabilizer that will be projected onto LED screens through a water curtain and accompanied by a specially written musical piece.

Main motifs in the stabilizer:
Water as matter and water as a symbol of life and existence.
The transparency and multilayered element of the layers of life. The reflection and blurring of boundaries between the existing and the similarity between dream and vision, reality and fulfillment.
Reflection of the reflection in the pool in the floor and in the ceiling - the phenomenon of infinity and spatial multiplicity.
The penetration of the plains of the hard physical space and their division into light and water.
The lack of sharpness of the projected images - an expression of the fog of thought and imagination.
The steady flow rate of never-ending activity increases with the sound of flowing water.
Images of people, buildings, landscapes of the Israeli environment are interwoven with graphic motifs projected together on a semi-transparent surface in three layers.

The stabilizer will be located in the entrance lobby and will become an integral part of the entrance experience and will serve as an artistic salute to a person who was so identified with the company, its employees and its clientele.

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