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הביתן היהודי באושוויץ


 Auschwitz Birkenau

The design concept of the Jewish Pavilion in Auschwitz is a personal journey into the soul and the soul.
We wanted to allow each of the members of the groups of visitors to be a bit of themselves and to reach a kind of private empowerment, especially internalization and personal insight into an unimaginable mass process.

Unlike the other pavilions in the camp, based on historical facts, the Jewish pavilion will emphasize narrative narrative and provide a multidimensional picture, which includes, in addition to the relevant exhibition, the opportunity to be an active critic, involved and participating in contemporary and future dynamics.
To stimulate thinking, interest and involvement, the pavilion will present both facts and dilemmas, both the lights and the shadows. Reality and difficulties alongside humanity and prayer.
The visitor left the booth loaded with information, values, but at the same time questions and issues that he would have to answer himself.

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