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Enlargements of original texts relevant to the subject are mounted on semi-transparent cloth. The sculpted bronze figures rendered in a realistic fashion, together with props to complement the creation of the narrative’s scenes, are placed behind and in front of the semi transparent screens.
Above the constructed walls of the exhibition, horizontal sheets covered with cloth reminiscent of tent canvas serves as a background that neutralizes the exhibition hall’s ceiling. Dramatic lighting illuminates the surfaces of the cloth-covered sheets. The exhibition is planned for an area of about 3000 sq. meters and will be traveling in the U.S for two years starting Sep. 15 in Atlanta, Georgia

מאברהם לישו


USA 2006

The exhibition presents a number of “focal points” that serves as “stations” along the road from Abraham to Jesus. 
1. Archaeology, History, and Memory
2. The Patriarchs - Fathers of All Nations
3. From Nomadism to Monarchy 4. Kings, Priests, and Prophets
5. Confrontation with Greek and Hellenistic Civilization
6. The Power of Rome and the Birth of Christianity.

Each of these stations opens a window into a specific historical and cultural world and incorporates authentic artifacts from the various periods—pottery and stone ware, work tools and weapons, inscriptions and coins, used at the time.

The exhibition includes archaeological objects that are displayed in a narrative-artistic setting. Display cases holding the archaeological objects and explanation texts are arranged to conform with the various segments of the presentation.
The exhibition is accompanied by relevant quotations from the Old and New Testaments.
The concept of our design is to create a stylized experiential environment that serves as the background for the archaeological presentation. 
The mystical setting that surrounds the visitor are achieved by the integration of a number of artistic elements, including prints of artistic engravings and illustrations from biblical stories of the artist Gustave Doré, which are printed on semi-transparent cloth together with sculpted bronze-cast human figures and theatrical scenes.

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