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The new Beit Chabad in Bangkok.

Bangkok 2022

בית חבד החדש בבנגקוק

The new Beit Chabad in Bangkok.

After three years of preparations , the construction of the new Chabad house in Bangkok was completed.

The building was designed and built for the most part during two years of Corona, closures, and inability to fly to Thailand.

The living spirit and driving force behind this project was Rabbi Nehemiah Wilhelm and his rabbinic wife Nechami.

 They did it very successfully without any previous experience in entrepreneurship or constructions project management.

On 6/21/22 we celebrated the opening of the new Chabad house which I had planned.

The ceremony was secured by police and commando units, the street was blocked to traffic until they finished cutting the ribbon and installing the mezuzah.

The entire event was broadcast live on the network. Among the well-wishers was the Israeli ambassador in Thailand, Orna Sagiv, and among the guests - benefactors and donors from all over the spectrum, Israelis who passed by, Chabad emissaries from around the Far East and even the Bangkok police chief.

It was an impressive event, delicious food, cheerful and full of, dancing singing and alcohol "to the limit".

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