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"The visitors will enjoy a moving experience that relates the fascinating story of the Jewish people throughout the generations. "

"It is a journey of introspection and soul-searching. I wanted to make the visitor feel that he was part of the endless line that began with Our Father Abraham . Create a constant movement, as in the painting of Asher, throughout history " 

"Every one of us is a link in the chain of generation, following the path of time from the dawn of history, from the time of Abraham and into the future. Despite our differences, we all have a common background - a common history and heritage, both symbolized by the concept of Jerusalem."

"This is the most difficult project i have ever designed due to the sensitive nature of the site and of the subject matter, and also because of the desire to tangibly convey a topic that is so spiritual."

"This was for me the ultimate artist's dream, an amazing design challenge at one of the most important religious and cultural sites in the world. "  

[ Jeremy Langford ] 

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