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Programa 1 was established by Eliav Nahlieli in 1986.
The studio specializes in designing visitor centers, museums, theme tourist attractions, heritage walk through experiences and historical memorial sites.

The studio deals with themes such as archaeology, general history, Jewish history, military and army, history of Zionism and ethnographic museums.

Our motto is that a museum designer should be a storyteller, using all the skills and the latest up to date techniques to create the desired experience. 

Programa 1 team includes architects, graphic artists, industrial designers, interior designers, scriptwriters and research experts.

What is a museum designer?

Is he an architect? An interior designer? A graphic artist? A scriptwriter?

Or is he perhaps a cinematographic artist?


Our studio deals with all those aspects but we see ourselves as storytellers.

We put the emphasis in our work on the story behind or in front of the artifact or object.

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